Fast + Affordable Divorce

If you hate your money but love fighting, then litigating your divorce is a great idea. Otherwise, you should start an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

But you might be better off with an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

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Whether you are in the county of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake or Will, I can help you get divorced quickly, amicably, and affordably. See the definition of an uncontested divorce.


If you want a fast divorce, uncontested divorce is your best bet.

Many people ask me “how long does a divorce take?” Many times, it takes a month or less. Uncontested divorce is fast because it is by agreement. As an uncontested divorce lawyer, I understand that speed is often a priority. You might want to check out my article “5 Tips: Quick Divorce in Illinois.”

Affordable, with a flat fee

Do you want a lawyer that charges a flat fee for an uncontested divorce? You’ve come to the right place.

Many people have the idea that they want to fight in a divorce – until they find out how much that costs.

For flat fee, I represent clients who want an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Advice from a lawyer

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When I represent you in your uncontested divorce, you get my advice. That’s a much better way to go than using one of those shady divorce websites that isn’t even run by a lawyer. A divorce can impact the rest of your life, and your children’s lives.

Don’t trust your life to a shady, out-of-state divorce website. To understand a bit more about the online divorce scams, check out my article “Online Divorce = Risky Business.”

I like people to be informed. That’s why I wrote this FAQ on uncontested divorce, and tons of articles about fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois . You can also see some of the most recent articles below.