Start a uncontested divorce in Illinois, for a flat fee, with a lawyer.

If you want a fast and affordable divorce in Illinois, and don’t want to screw up your life by “handling” it yourself, then you are in the write place.

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I’m an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer. I can help you start and finish and uncontested divorce in Illinois, for a flat fee. Some people pay me to litigate cases, and I can certainly ferociously cross-examine your spouse at trial. But that take a lot of time, and money. That’s why it’s probably better if you come to an agreement, and move on with life.

Want a slow divorce? Go somewhere else.

If you want a fast divorce, uncontested divorce is your best bet. Fighting in court could take more than a year.

Many people ask me “how long does a divorce take?” Many times, it takes a month or less. Uncontested divorce is fast because it is by agreement.

As an uncontested divorce lawyer, I understand that speed is often a priority. You might want to check out my article “5 Tips: Quick Divorce in Illinois.”

Want to save money on divorce – but WITH a lawyer?

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Many people have the idea that they want to fight in a divorce – until they find out how much that costs.

An uncontested divorce by agreement is so much cheaper than fighting court. And we offer flat fees for an uncontested divorce in Illinois – that makes the cost predictable, and affordable.

What is uncontested divorce in Illinois?

We have a whole YouTube Channel about Uncontested Divorce in Illinois.

If you don’t want to watch me pretend to be good at videos, you could always start your divorce now.

Want more free information about uncontested divorce?

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We’ve written many free articles about flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois. But if you don’t like reading, you could always just start your divorce now.

One of our most popular articles is this FAQ on uncontested divorce.

We also have tons of other free articles about fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois .

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Thought about using a “divorce papers” website?

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You can use some “online divorce” website to draft your “divorce papers” for your uncontested divorce in Illinois.

If you’re tempted to do that, read this article about being scammed by “online divorce” and “divorce papers” websites.

Using devilishly appealing divorce websites is like playing Russian roulette. They have dubious ownership, give flimsy guarantees, and produce unprofessional and ineffective documents that put your future at risk. If you don’t use a lawyer, you will probably have false confidence in a terribly drafted settlement agreement, and you will likely waste time in court because your documents are procedurally incomplete or inappropriate.