An uncontested divorce in Illinois should be like a haiku – the Japanese form of poetry that is known for its simplicity. A haiku has only 17 syllables, in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. A divorce, like a poem, can become unbearable when it is too lengthy. Keeping that in mind, I have written some divorce haikus. Check them out.

This is “haiku” in Japanese kanji – or so they tell me. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to write “divorce.”

You could hire an uncontested divorce lawyer that does not write haikus. But why would you do that? Contact uncontested divorce lawyer Dave Wolkowitz – who is probably the only lawyer writing haiku about divorce. I might also be the only uncontested divorce lawyer who you can text right now at 224-300-0529

Achieving Agreement

Do you want divorce?
Settlement can be quick, easy.
Do not get derailed.

Nature of uncontested divorce

Divorce, do not fight.
Uncontested: fast, easy.
Affordable, yeah!

Flat fee

Flat fee is easy.
One charge for lawyer, court fees.
Could pay more, but why?

Starting uncontested divorce

Call Wolkowitz now.
Case could be done in one month.
Divorce over soon.

Finishing uncontested divorce in Illinois

Wow, I love my life.
Finally free of that jerk.
And I keep my money!