Divorce lawyer near me – during the pandemic

Many people search for “divorce lawyer near me.” If you are one of them, then I bet you want to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois with a lawyer in your area. But now more than ever, it might not matter so much if you hire a lawyer right down the street. Read more about how to use a lawyer that leverages technology to get an uncontested divorce during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Before the pandemic, a lot of people searched Google for divorce lawyer near me.

I guess that’s understandable, because people think they need to meet with their lawyer.

But the pandemic has made some things very clear to people. They don’t have to drive around and waste time as much as they thought.

This is particularly true when you want to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois. It can be easy to start an uncontested divorce.

Even before the pandemic, we handled dozens of uncontested divorces in Illinois. In general, they are fast, and affordable, with the help of a lawyer (not a website based in a foreign country).

But during the pandemic, the way we leverage technology and the process we’ve developed has really come in handy.

For example, here’s some of the things we do to make an uncontested divorce easy to start, and finish.

  1. We conduct initial conversations over the phone.
  2. Flat fee retainer agreements can be signed online.
  3. Our intake procedure is web-based.
  4. We use online file storage.
  5. We use Zoom or other web-based medium platforms to conduct court appearances online
  6. We provide electronic versions of all documents to clients

Many old school lawyers don’t properly leverage technology. They also believe in that nonsense about forcing a prospective client to come to the office to meet. I guess they think having a prospective client to the office helps them close new business.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you want to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois, I really don’t want to see you until the day you’re divorced.

That’s because if we meet before the day of the finalization of your divorce in court, then we are wasting time.

If you want to waste time, hire another lawyer. If you want to drive around for half a day, meeting people and having meaningless discussions, hire another lawyer.

But if you want to hire a lawyer that will help you get divorced for a flat fee, then please contact us.

Court is open during the pandemic, but it is slower. Therefore, if you want to get an uncontested divorce in Illinois, it’s best to get started sooner rather than later.

You can get a fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois for a flat fee, with the advice of a lawyer.

Considering the massive impact a divorce can have on the rest of your life, using a lawyer that offers a flat fee is a great way to go. What you don’t want to do is use one of those shady online divorce websites. Often, those websites offering a so-called “online divorce” are owned by foreign entities, ask for too much personal information, produce documents that aren’t used in Illinois court, and produce settlement agreements containing massive problems that can cause a great deal of agony many years down the road.