FAQ: Uncontested Divorce instead of mediation

Have you considered divorce mediation in Illinois? There are a lot of bozos out there – many of whom are not lawyers – trying to convince people that divorce mediation is the best way to avoid high legal fees. They have websites with a bunch of nonsense, and have questionable qualifications. But guess what? Many times, divorce mediation in Illinois is not necessary. You can skip right to an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

If you want to avoid some unqualified bozo scamming you of money while pretending to be a qualified divorce mediator, check out this FAQ about uncontested divorce instead of mediation:

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process by which a neutral mediator helps people reach an agreement.

But here is something you should know: In Illinois – by law- a divorce mediator is anyone who mediates a divorce.


Is a surgeon anyone who cuts open a head?

When I took a divorce mediation class with Northwestern University, there was a guy in there who claims to have offices in multiple states, but he wasn’t a lawyer. But he did want to mediate divorces in Illinois. I was utterly shocked at what he didn’t know about Illinois divorce law.

What an I say? People want to sick their hands in the divorce money bag. They think “Hey, I’ll be a mediator, that seems easy and I don’t need any qualifications!” Ugh. Of course, I charge for my services – but at least I went to law school!

Is there such a thing as an equitable mediation?

So there is a divorce mediator out there who seems to give people the idea that mediating a divorce with him will result in an equitable mediation.

Oh really?

Guess what – a mediator isn’t there it insure that you or your spouse receive a fair deal through an “equitable mediation.” A mediator is just there to help people reach an agreement.

Can I skip an equitable mediation?

It is tempting for non-lawyer mediators to claim they provide an equitable mediation while making people believe that divorce mediation is the best way to go.

They want you to pay them a couple thousand dollars to conduct a totally easy mediation, and BAM – they’re out.

But are you divorced? NO!

Many times people who think they want to mediate a divorce can actually skip directly to getting divorce. If you are pretty much in total agreement with your spouse, you can probably start an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Am I ready to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois?

If you have reach an agreement on pretty much every issue in your divorce, then you are ready to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

We represent clients for a FLAT FEE for an uncontested divorce, and out of that flat fee, we pay the court fees for BOTH parties. We only represent one person, but we pay both parties’ fees so that we can move the case ahead in a smooth manner.

When you skip a so-called “equitable mediation,” you can skip straight to getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois. And isn’t that what you really want anyway?