FAQ: How do I start an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

Do you want to know how to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois? As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois, I know how to start and complete a fast and affordable uncontested divorce. If you want to get going know, you can call 312-554-5433 to get started. Otherwise, check out this article.

Why start an uncontested divorce?

It is the fastest and most affordable way to get divorced in Illinois.

If you agree on all issues, you don’t need any mediation to achieve an equitable settlement. You can just come to an agreement with your spouse, and move straight to an amicable divorce.

What does it cost to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois?

How much it costs to start a divorce depends on a couple things:

  1. The court fees in the county in which you are filing
  2. If you use a lawyer, the complexity of your case

Here, we can represent clients in an uncontested divorce for a flat fee. Basically what we do is ask clients a few questions, then we quote a flat fee that includes the court costs for both parties.

What do I have to file to start an uncontested divorce?

For an uncontested divorce in Illinois, the one document that is required everywhere is called a “petition for dissolution.” You can filed the requirements for document Section 403 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

But to be frank, the important thing about an uncontested divorce is not how to start it – it’s how to finish it.

How does an uncontested divorce lawyer start a case in Illinois?

The great thing about hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois is that you don’t need to worry about how a case is started.

Here is how it works when you hire an uncontested divorce lawyer for a flat fee:

  1. Hire the lawyer
  2. Complete the intake
  3. Sign documents online
  4. Your case is filed

Obviously there are some other steps to completing the case, but we keep it pretty simple.