FAQ: Flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois

If you are interested in a flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois, then you’ve come to the right place. You can get started now texting or calling 224-300-0529, contact us online, or you can read on where we address frequently asked questions (FAQ) about flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois

The great thing about getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois is that it should be fast, and affordable. And with a flat fee, the cost is predictable – and you get the help of a lawyer. But you might have questions before you get started. So here we go . . .

How can you charge a flat fee?

Many people are used to lawyers being extremely expensive. You might have heard horror stories form friends or family about a divorce taking more than a year, and costing tens of thousands of dollars.

The reasons we are able to charge a flat fee is because an uncontested divorce in Illinois involves as fairly predictable amount of work. And while flat fees can vary based on the complexity of a case, they are usually affordable. You might want to check out this article about the process.

With a flat fee uncontested divorce, both the client and the lawyer takes some risks, and they get predictability in return. For example, the client takes the risks that agreeing on the divorce will be better than fighting in court. And the lawyer takes the risk that the case will require more work than expected. However, both the client and the lawyer benefit as well. For example, the client knows that the lawyer is less likely to try to make people fight, because a flat fee doesn’t cover fighting/litigating in court. And the lawyer benefits by getting paid a certain amount for a fairly well-defined amount of work.

It’s generally a win-win.

What is the flat fee for an uncontested divorce in Illinois?

While we do offer flat fees, the flat fee can vary based on the complexity of a case.

This is necessary because some uncontested cases can be quite a bit different from others, and the required work varies. But for the most part, even the most expensive uncontested divorce is much less than the most simple contested divorce. That’s because fighting in court is expensive, and agreeing is affordable.

For example, a case that involves two 25-year-olds with no kids and W-2 jobs is going to be a lot more simple than a case with two 50-year-olds, with 3 kids (one in college), three parcels of real estate, retirement accounts, and stock options for compensation.

Why doesn’t every lawyer offer a flat fee?

Lawyers make a lot of money when people fight. Even in cases that are by agreement and predictable, some lawyers like to make them much more complicated than they really are. That’s how they make money.

Amazingly enough, there’s a lawyer who wrote a whole article about why he doesn’t offer flat fees. That’s a joke. Uncontested divorces should be simple, and I don’t like to make things unnecessarily complex.

We don’t make up reasons to complicate your divorce.

That’s why we can represent clients for an affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois.

What if the case becomes contested?

As stated above, the flat fee is possible because an uncontested divorce is one that is by agreement. People often call it an “amicable” divorce, but you don’t need to be amicable. You just need to agree. Hate the other person if you want it. Just agree. If you don’t, you might hate yourself for causing your divorce to be extremely costly.

What does the flat fee cover?

It is certainly reasonable to wonder what services are included when a lawyer offers a flat fee.

See this charge that illustrates what is included in for the flat fee in an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Task IncludedNotes
Gathering necessary infoYesThis includes a standard
intake and follow-up
Advice from a lawyerYes`Unlike a scammy website, you have access to a lawyer
Drafting all procedural documentsYesThere are numerous procedural
Drafting all settlement agreementsYesA marital settlement agreement (MSA), and judgement for allocation of parental responsibilities (for children)
Filing documents for both partiesYesDocuments filed as a courtesy for client’s spouse
Payment of court fees for both partiesYesAll court fees are included, including the cost of a transcript of the court proceeding
Payment of fees for parenting classNoThe client pays for the parenting class directly with the provider
Payment of fees for quit claim documentsNoQuit claim deeds are a separate process with the Recorder of Deeds
Chart illustrating what services are included for a flat fee divorce in Illinois.

Obviously one could list an infinite number of tasks that are not included in an fat fee uncontested divorce. For example, your Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer will probably not be willing to polish your shoes. But I’ve listed the primary tasks of concern as an overview.

How do I start a flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois?

Starting a flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois is very simple. You can contact us online, or text or call 224-300-0529.

We generally make the process a lot more simple than people expect. Maybe check out this article about starting an uncontested divorce in Illinois.