Uncontested Divorce Parenting Agreement: right of first refusal

If you are interested in an uncontested divorce in Illinois, you know you have to agree on child custody and visitation if you have kids.

One important aspect of a parenting agreement is addressing the “right of first refusal.” As an divorce lawyer in Evanston, Schaumburg, Libertyville and elsewhere in Illinois, I know what agreeing on time with the kids is often the major problem in coming to an agreement. If you are ready to get started with your uncontested divorce, contact me here to get started with your Illinois divorce.

What is a right of first refusal?

Right of first refusal in custody situations refers to a parent giving the other parent a change to care for the children before arranging for a third party to do so. For example, if mom would normally have the children Thursday night, but something comes up where she cannot care for the kids, she will see if dad would like to care for the kids during the time, instead of using a babysitter.

The right of first refusal can apply to both planned and last minute situations. Therefore, if a parent makes plans for night out with friends two months, or even two days, prior to the actual event, they must offer the other parent the option to care for their children before making any other arrangements.

Benefits of the right of first refusal

There are benefits to a right of first refusal.

  • It can facilitate the parties reaching agreement
  • The other parent may appreciate more time with the kids
  • Can more easily avoid the expense of babysitters

Reaching child custody agreement in uncontested divorce

I know that visitation and parenting time can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. As an Illinois family law attorney, I think helping my clients spend as much time as possible with their children is one of my most important goals.

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