When is the right time to get divorced?

“What is the best time to get divorced?”, you ask. Well there is no exact right answer, there is something to the thinking that the longer you stay in a bad situation the worse it will get.

As in Illinois divorce lawyer, I run into people getting divorced because of the following reasons. You can email me or call me at 312-554-5433 if you need to start your uncontested divorce. And consider the below when thinking about the right to time get divorced.

In an abusive relationship

If you are in an abusive relationship, it is most likely better for you to get out now, rather than later. However many people in an abusive relationship I think they left the finances to get out of it. However, that is not necessarily true. If one spouse or in all the money in control the finances, that person can be ordered to pay the attorney’s fees of the other spouse. Also, if you have kids then it is possible to the benefit to get out of the abusive relationship now, rather than having them suffer damage.

Divorce after kids go to college

Some people want to get divorced after the kids go off to college. That is not a terrible idea, however, it is not necessary to wait till kids go to college to get divorce. Even if the kids go off to college, one thing you should know is this; one parent can ask the court to force the other parent to pay a reasonable portion of the child’s college expenses . Therefore, you will want to think about what you can agree to in regards to college expenses. There are many variations of such agreements. 1. Can pay for all of the

Spouse abandoned the marriage

As strange as it may seem, sometimes people just abandon a marriage. I have a number of clients in situations like this. Country to popular belief, you can get divorced even if you don’t know where your spouse is. But you have to take certain measures to try to find them and serve them. So long as you do that, you can still get divorced. If your spouse abandon the marriage but you know where your spouse is, that person clearly does not want to be married to you anymore and made cooperate so you can get an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Adultery and cheating

As bad as it maybe if your spouse cheats on you, it is not very relevant to your divorce. Courts do not want to have trials about who cheated on who. The only reason it is relevant is if your spouse dissipates marital funds while cheating; for example, the cheating spouse takes the other spouse on vacation – and pays for it.

Just don’t want to be married

If you just don’t want to be married, and you and your spouse agree, I could possible help you get divorced in under one month. So when is the right time to file for divorce for you? Maybe now.

Starting your uncontested divorce

You can email me or call me at 312-554-5433 if you need to start your uncontested divorce. And you if you check out my article,  “Fastest Uncontested Divorce in Illinois: 5 tips,”   you can understand a bit more about how easy it is to get down to business.