High-net worth people: uncontested divorce is possible

I’ve noticed many high-net-worth people think they need a price divorce lawyer for their divorce – even if its uncontested.

Even if you are a high-net worth person, you can get divorced with an affordable uncontested divorce.

The process can be easier than you might think; to understand what I mean, check out my article “Divorce after one visit to court? Yes!

Expensive = Better?

An expensive lawyer is not always better, even if you have substantial assets, own a business, and have other serious financial concerns. How do I know this? I have review their work.

For instance, I currently have a client that previously hired a very expense and renowned firm for his divorce. I review his marital settlement agreement (MSA) and his joint parenting agreement (JPA). It was terrible. It was hard to understand, contained very ambiguous provisions, and didn’t seem to anticipate obvious contingencies that would occur. Now, years later, he is back in court.

Does paying more make you feel better?

Luxury goods are sometimes priced high simply to create the impression that they are worth more. ¬†It’s marketing.

And lawyer’s aren’t immune to using marketing strategy in their pricing.

Do you want to meet a lawyer in fancy office downtown? Would you a front-desk attended to offer you coffee, or tea? If so, I can recommend various firms in Chicago where you will likely be very happy. Some even have original artwork on the walls.

However, given that the work of expensive lawyers is often no better than that of more affordable lawyers, it seems that hiring an expensive lawyer will guarantee you one thing: that you will pay more. Such is particularly true in the case of an uncontested divorce

Don’t get me wrong. There are some excellent, very expensive lawyers in Chicago ans elsewhere. If you can afford to pay an attorney $700 per hour, I can recommend someone to you.

Otherwise, you may wish to get an affordable uncontested divorce. If you divorce involves financial issues such as business of pension valuation, those tasks are normally handled by experts, regardless of the attorney.

What types of people get an uncontested divorce?

Numerous of my uncontested divorce clients have assets well-over a million dollars. Millionaires get uncontested divorces in Chicago, and elsewhere in Illinois. In DuPage County. In Lake County. In Will County. And everywhere else.

Many of my clients are professionals who could choose to hire many other lawyers, but don’t.

Some own businesses, multiple rental properties, and vacation homes.

 Starting a high-net worth uncontested divorce

Unlike many lawyers handling uncontested divorces for a flat fee, I take pride in counseling my clients and approaching matters strategically. When you hire me to handle your uncontested divorce, I will be available to you. Please be wary of attorneys who push you off onto paralegals who know nothing about your case.