FAQ: The fastest divorce in Illinois

Do you want to get divorce as fast as possible? If so, utilizing a flat fee Illinois divorce lawyer for an uncontested divorce is likely to be your best bet.  Check out this FAQ on the fastest divorce in Illinois.

What is the fastest way to get divorced?

The fastest way to get divorced is an uncontested divorce in Illinois. That’s a divorce where both parties are in agreement on absolutely all the issues.

The issues include the following:

  1. Division of assets and debts
  2. Handling real estate
  3. Maintenance – formerly known as “alimony”
  4. Parenting time
  5. Child support

Why does a lawyer speed up divorce?

Many people have seen ads online that claim to prepare divorce paperwork, guaranteed to be accepted by the court, for only $200. Some maybe even less.

If you love to waste your time, make more trips to court the necessary, and prolong the length of time it takes for you to get divorced, those web sites are a great idea.

Put another way, those web sites are a bunch of nonsense. In fact, you can get pretty much the same forms in court. Forms are not what makes a divorce.

The important thing when getting divorced is not that a website spits out some court forms and stuck your name in it. What you need to worry about is the terms of your divorce: whether or not you are financially protected, and whether or not you’ve secured sufficient rights in regards to your children.

By using a lawyer instead of a website, you will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Following procedure that makes divorce possible
  2. Finalizing divorce in one trip to court- instead of being sent home because wrong procedure was followed
  3. Protect yourself from financial risks in ways ridiculous divorce websites cannot
  4. Get legal advice
  5. Save time by only showing up in court once – the divorce lawyer does the rest of the work
  6. Complete all requirements for getting divorce – instead of being surprised when you get to court
  7. Avoid wasting time going to court, filing papers, and begging court clerks for information that is hard to understand

Are there flat fees for uncontested divorce in Illinois?

Yes, lawyers do offer flat fees for an uncontested divorce in Illinois. The flat fee I offer covers all of my services, and all of the court fees for both parties. Other parents to have to take a parenting class that cost a few bucks per person, as an attorney in Illinois, I won’t be asking you for any more money to finalize your uncontested divorce.

I need to force lawyers charge $250 an hour, or more, when Billy by the hour. When you understand that it becomes very clear why a divorce for a flat fee is a good way to go.

How long does an uncontested divorce in Illinois take?

The length of time it takes to get an uncontested divorce in Illinois ranges from about 2 weeks, to a couple months. Here are the factors that contribute to how long it takes to get divorced:

  1. How soon you get the lawyer the information the lawyer needs.
  2. How quickly you and your spouse sign the necessary documents and send them back to the lawyer.
  3. What county your divorce is in.
  4. The Court’s schedule.

What’s the fastest way to get started?

Many lawyers make prospective clients come to their offices to get started with a divorce. I think the reason for that is often that the lawyer is trying to impress the prospective client with fancy furniture, secretaries, and artwork on the walls. I don’t do that. Instead comma I allowed people to get started with their cases in the fastest way possible. Online.

After signing a flat fee retainer agreement online, and paying the flat fee,  the client simply needs to fill out an intake form and send it back to me. Well there might be some other conversation are details to work out, that gets the ball rolling. A couple of weeks later, the client is usually divorce. It can be that simple.