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Most Popular Uncontested Divorce Articles

One great thing about my process for a flat fee uncontested divorce in Illinois is that it is simple. You basically call me, pay a flat fee, give me some information, then I take care of the rest. As a flat fee uncontested divorce lawyer, I like helping people get a fast an affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois.

So take my word for it – you don’t need to do a lot of work to get an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

But if getting divorced this way sounds too easy, feel free to cause yourself some work by reading some of my most popular articles.

FAQ: The fastest divorce in Illinois

Who doesn’t want to get divorce quickly? This article has a lot of great tips, and also some of my favorite critique of scammy online divorce websites.

For example, I stated that ” Many people have seen ads online that claim to prepare divorce paperwork, guaranteed to be accepted by the court, for only $200. Some maybe even less. If you love to waste your time, make more trips to court the necessary, and prolong the length of time it takes for you to get divorced, those websites are a great idea.”

You can check out the article here – it’s a fast read about getting a fast divorce.

What is an uncontested divorce in Illinois?

Sometimes when getting divorce, being an optimist helps. Or maybe you already know that because getting away from your spouse fill you with an unbridled sense of joy.

But some people are  too optimistic. They know that an uncontested divorce in Illinois is the fastest and most affordable way to get divorced. They really, really want to get divorced. So sometimes I’m talking to someone about the process, and BAM – I find out there is no agreement with the other spouse.

An uncontested divorce is one by agreement. That agreement cannot be imagined, no matter how badly you want an amicable divorce.

To try to make the point clear, I wrote this article explaining the nature of an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

When is the right time to get divorced?

Sometimes people call me and ask “When is the right time to get divorced?”

Sometimes there are child-related issues impacting the timing of a divorce. And sometimes the issues are financial. Ultimately, it’s a personal call you’re going to have to make. But you should check out my article about the timing of a divorce.

Online Divorce = Risky Business

Sometimes people call me who have used a website to generate their divorce “paperwork.” In other words, they used some website to generate a bunch of stuff of unknown quality, and they want someone who knows what they are doing to check it out.

Believe me when I tell you that I have no once reviewed Website-generated divorce paperwork that was decent quality. I have seen forms I didn’t recognize, have NOT see terms and clauses that should have been present, and have seen paperwork that contains so much personal identity information that a kindergarten student could steal that person’s identity.

Let me make this clear: DO NOT USE A WEBSITE TO PRODUCE DIVORCE PAPERWORK. If you do, you are begging for trouble.

For a bit more about this, check out this article about divorce websites.

Divorce mediation: What? When? Why?

Sometimes people are interested in divorce mediation because they want to reach agreement and avoid fighting in court. That’s great!

But sometimes people want divorce mediation when they don’t need it. That would be a waste of time!

I am a divorce mediator trained at Northwestern University’s divorce mediation clinic. And I’m also a divorce lawyer. So I know a lot about divorce mediation.

If you want to reach an agreement about your divorce, but can’t quite make it there without help, then read this article about divorce mediation.