Uncontested Divorce : Top Tips & Concepts

While an uncontested divorce in Illinois can be fast and affordable (for a flat fee), there are still some things to know. As an uncontested divorce lawyer, I put together this list of my Top 5 Articles about uncontested divorce in Illinois. They cover topics such as dividing assets, splitting retirement, and the process for an uncontested divorce

Starting an uncontested divorce

People are very interested in figuring out how to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois. The truth is, starting it is the easiest part.

But to satisfy some curiosity, I wrote this article about starting an uncontested divorce in Illinois. It should give a decent idea of what’s involved. But if you focus too much on starting the divorce, you’ll miss what’s more important about the process.

Splitting Retirement

Splitting retirement accounts can be an important part of a divorce. Certain types of accounts – like pensions, 401ks, and deferred compensation – require very specific steps to be taken. Given that retirement accounts often contain significant value, it is important in a divorce to spit the retirement accounts the right way.

I wrote this article about splitting retirement accounts. So that article might help you  if you are wondering a) what percentage does he/she get, and b) what are the mechanics of splitting the retirement accounts. I also explain the role of an Illinois divorce actuary.

Busting Divorce Myths

People often hear “tips” from friends, and often, the Internet. But many times those tips are inaccurate. As a divorce lawyer in Illinois, I know there is a lot of inaccurate information out there. So I wrote this article on busting divorce myths.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can be a good way to go – and it can lead to an uncontested divorce. But people need to watch out for scammy non-attorney divorce mediators.

If you want to mediate your divorce, then you want you mediation to know the law and be able to understand what is legally enforceable. What you don’t want is some person from out-of-state who moved to Illinois and started mediating here because he thought it would be a great business opportunity.

Many non-attorney mediators spend a lot of time bashing attorneys. But what they may not tell you is that attorneys also mediate divorce.

So I wrote this article about divorce mediation to give you a better understanding of the process of divorce mediation in Illinois, and this article about Illinois divorce mediators who don’t have a clue.