Top 5 Questions for Starting Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

Do you want an uncontested divorce in Illinois, but aren’t sure where to start? These Top 5 Questions might help get you on your way to a quick and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois. And you can hire a lawyer for a flat fee!

If you are want to get an uncontested divorce in Illinois, you might know that it is the fastest and most affordable way to get divorced. That’s because everything is by agreement. In fact, our office can represent you in a divorce for a flat fee; that means no hourly billing, and we pay the court costs for you.

But even if think your divorce is going to be amicable, you still need know where to start. That’s why I’ve come up with these Top 5 Questions for Starting an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois.

What do you want?

This is a question that you can ask yourself, and your spouse, What you want to try to do is have a focused conversation about your goals, and what you want to walk away with.

It’s no secret that people getting divorced often have communication problems. After all, you are not getting divorce because everything is going great.

Therefore, it is important to try to determine what the other person wants out of a divorce.

But what out for excessive use of legal terminology. People often use legal terms without really understanding what they mean, and without understanding the impact those terms might have on real life. So instead of getting bogged-down in a discussion about “sole custody,” it’s betting to spend time talking about a schedule for the kids.

What are the non-negotiables?

Getting an uncontested divorce is cheap compared to fighting about a divorce in court.

But one thing you don’t want to do is trying to move a mountain. If you can determine certain points about which your spouse will not negotiate, that could save you a lot of time.

Furthermore, doing so might allow you to figure out if in fact an uncontested divorce will not work for you. While litigating a case can take a long time, and can be expensive, it is generally worse to delay a case. It seems that delaying the start off a case can often be more expensive in the long-run. Doing nothing often has a cost.

How is your lifestyle going to change?

Getting divorced is a lifestyle change. And it goes beyond just living in separate places, and having separate bank accounts. This is true for contentious divorces, and easy uncontested divorces in Illinois.

Even if you are wealthy, your lifestyle might need to change after a divorce. As opposed to living together, it is generally more expensive per person to live in two separate residences. Although, there are two cable bills, two light bills, etc.

Sometimes having to cope with budget-related issues means that divorcing people need to change their lifestyles – at least temporarily. For example, you might have to live in a different area, or take fewer vacations.

It will be harder to come to an agreement if each person doesn’t have a realist idea of what their post-divorce lifestyle will look like.

What do you know?

An uncontested divorce in Illinois should involve assigning all assets and debts.

But before that is done, you should know what is out there. If you don’t know what’s out there, you can still get divorced – but you might be giving up something that you didn’t know existed.

What does “the law” say?

People often ask me if they need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Technically, you can get divorced without a lawyer. And you can also perform brain surgery on yourself – no one is stopping you.

One reasons to have a lawyer in an uncontested divorce in Illinois is so you can understand what you might be entitled to under the law. Why would you want to agree to something otherwise?

As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois, I represent people for a flat fee. That means for one fee, I complete your uncontested divorce, and pay the court fees for both of you. For a bit more about a lawyer’s role in an uncontested divorce, check out this article.