To start an uncontested divorce in Illinois. . .

Want to know what to do to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois? It can be easy, quick, and affordable, if you know what to do. Read on.

Step 1: Ge a basic agreement

What you want to do is try to get a basic agreement with your spouse about what you are both going to do. This involves agreeing on how you will split all assets and debs, what you will do with the kids (if any), and what type of payments will be made (such as spousal maintenance, or child support).

Step 2: Retainer a lawyer

As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois, I can help people start – and finish – an uncontested divorce in Illinois. All for one affordable flat fee.

To some people, it might be obvious they should retainer a lawyer. After all, a divorce an impact the rest of your life.

But many people are tempted to use websites which promise to produce for you all the documents you need to get a divorce in Illinois.

But guess what? Substance matters. Those websites don’t give you advice, they don’t ask questions, and they don’t know anything.

Heck – I bet you can’t even tell who owns them.

Another problem with having some website draft generic forms is that you still need to file and manage the case. It will likely be hard for you to figure out how to file the case. You may find yourself in front of a judge, and the judge might tell you to come back another day because you don’t have everything you need.

Using a lawyer helps avoid those problems.

Step 3: Give the lawyer information

When someone retains us for an uncontested divorce in Illinois, we gather certain information. If necessary, we ask questions and get more information.

Step 4: Review documents

After we get your information, we draft all the documents you need. You then review them, and we revise if necessary.

Step 5: Sign documents

After you OK everything, you and your spouse sign all the documents needed. We give instructions to make sure everything is properly signed. If it is not signed correctly, your divorce may not be finalized when you’d like.

Step 6: Finalize the case in court

Once everything is signed, we file the case, and then you are ready to finalize the case in court. The court appearance usually takes under two hours, and could possibly be under one hour. It will most likely start before 9:30, so you would have a good chance of being done by 10:30 (though times can vary).