As an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer, I like to help people understand how simple and fast an uncontested divorce can be. So I thought it might be useful to display the process visually. So if you want to understand uncontested divorce in Illinois, check out . . .

. . . this simple explanation of the fast and affordable way to get divorced in Illinois.

Understanding the process

Some people want to know how to start an uncontested divorce. Others want to hear about each step in the process, from start to finish. But the beauty of using an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois is that you don’t have to worry about much.

Check out this great info graphic to understand the process.

process: uncontested divorce in illinois
  1. Complete Intake: When you start the process, we send you an intake, and you fill it out.
  2. Review drafts: We will prepared drafts of the documents you need, and you provide feedback.
  3. Sign: Both you and your spouse sign documents per our instructions.
  4. Divorce: We go to court on one occasion, one morning, and your divorced!

Get started

With the process we used, you can get started online, and the only time you have to go anywhere is your one trip to court.

You can start now by calling or texting 224-300-0529