If you’re rich, and you want a cheap divorce, the last thing you should probably do is ask your neighbor for a referral to a lawyer. You can get a cheap and fast uncontested divorce for a flat fee – even if you’ve got a couple million dollar net worth and your 16-year-old kid drives a Range Rover to Lake Forest academy.

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Don’t be fooled – having kids won’t stop you from getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois. In fact, an affordable and fast divorce can be even more important if you have kids. But did you know that you probably will have to take a parenting class if your kids are under 18?

You might want to check out this FAQ on taking a parenting class during an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

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You might want to ask an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer the following question: “Can we use the same lawyer for a divorce.”

That’s understandable. Of course, uncontested divorce in Illinois is the fastest and most affordable way to get divorced in Illinois; the process can be easy. But there are some issues you need to be aware of if both of you want to use the same lawyer for your divorce.

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Many people know that an uncontested divorce is the fastest and easiest way to get divorce in Illinois, but they might have a problem getting to an agreement. For those people, mediation might work. But there are a few things you should know if you want mediation to end in an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

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