Before you hire a divorce lawyer, read this!

As a divorce lawyer in Illinois, I can handle your case as an uncontested divorce, or a contested divorce in Illinois. But before you hire a divorce lawyer, there are some things you need to know about how the system works – especially if you want a quick and affordable divorce in Illinois.

So check out this article before you get started with your Illinois divorce.

Fighting is expensive – very expensive

What’s great about an uncontested divorce in Illinois is that it can be relatively fast and inexpensive. Some might say an uncontested divorce is a “cheap divorce.”

Frankly, cost is one of the primary reasons people want their divorce to be an uncontested divorce in Illinois. Sure, there are some other reasons, like avoiding fighting and creating stress for the family. But to be frank, people often benefit from looking at divorce as a business decision. And in business, one must be concerned about “return on investment,” or ROI.

The bottom line is that sometimes it just doesn’t pay to fight. Sometimes you should give up more to get your divorce completed – instead of paying lawyers.

Divorce can be unpredictable

There are some lawyers who really, really know the law. Others are better litigators. Some are great at both.

Some lawyers claims to know all the judges.

Whatever the case, one thing is almost always true  – divorce can be unpredictable.

When you fight about your divorce, you are putting your life in the hands of at least 2 lawyers, and a judge. And if you have kids, there could be a gaurdian ad litem (GAL) or child’s representative involved. The more people you ad to the mix, the more unpredictable your case can become.

Predictability is another reason people prefer an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

It takes two to tango

I often have clients that are very reasonable. I encourage them to be. But one reasonable person can be thwarted by the other person being unreasonable.

If you want an uncontested divorce in Illinois, you only have one option: to agree with your spouse regarding every issue related to your divorce.

Hopefully that means coming to a reasonable solution. Or if you want a divorce bad enough, you might agree to something that would otherwise be seen as very unreasonable.

Divorce lawyers view talking to you as work

Some clients don’t think they should pay to talk with their lawyers about their case. “It’s just a phone call,” a client might think. But the blunt truth is that listening to people talk about divorce is work – and it’s not fun. That’s why every Illinois divorce lawyer I know charges for phone calls.

If lawyers did not charge for phone calls, they’d be on the phone, for free, all day, every day.

In my opinion, the beset thing to do is to speak with your lawyer only about relevant topics, and to avoid repetition.