Warnings for an Uncontested Divorce

If you want a divorce, and you are also sane, you probably want an uncontested divorce. As a Chicago family law attorney, I help my clients with uncontested divorces in Chicago, and elsewhere in Illinois. If you are ready to get started, contact me here.

I get calls from people all the time. They ask, “Can I get an uncontested divorce?”

You probably can. But you should be aware of problems that might occur.

Possible problems in an Uncontested Divorce

Many of my clients find me when seeking an uncontested divorce in Illinois. I always hope it works out for them,

  • Children: In a divorce, child custody issues can be complicated. Even where parents are aiming for an amicable divorce, they sometimes realize they do not agree on how to handle the children. Matters with children are one of those areas were a small problem can create a much longer one.
  • House that is underwater: In today’s market, many homeowners own homes on which their mortgage balance is greater than the value of the home. This situation can several strain a marriage, and a divorce – because people cannot agree on how to divide the debt. If spouses can’t agree on how to get out of a home, they probably won’t be able to agree to how to get out of a marriage.
  • Mental illness in the marriage: If one spouse suffers from a mental illness, particularly one that is untreated, coming to a sensible marital settlement agreement can be difficult.
  • One spouse is uninformed: In an uncontested divorce, the idea is that people are working together. However,if one spouse is uninformed as to his or her rights before coming to an agreement, then becomes aware of his or her rights before the divorce actually occurs, the entire process could be derailed.
  • Nasty divorce lawyers: It’s sad to say, but some lawyers operate in a totally unethical manner. They try to stoke in order to run up the bill. Spouses who have truly talked about most issue in the divorce, and who are interested in an uncontested divorce in Illinois, could benefit from choosing their lawyers wisely.

Starting an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

If you are interested in an uncontested divorce in Chicago, or elsewhere in Illinois, I can probably help you with that. In Cook County, the process can be as fast as two weeks. Other counties vary depending upon the process they use, and the judge who will hear your case.You might want to read my article titled “Process for Uncontested Divorce in Illinois.” Contact me here to get started.