Process for an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

You may have heard that an uncontested divorce in Illinois is likely the best way to end your marriage. But as a Chicago divorce lawyer, I know the process can seem daunting. So this article is meant to explain the process of an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Uncontested divorce process:

  1. Meeting with a divorce lawyer: As your divorce lawyer, I will interview you and determine the relevant information. Meeting in person is often not necessary. Most information-gathering can be done on the phone, or online.
  2. Drafting the paperwork: As your divorce lawyer, I draft all the paperwork and forms. This include a petition for dissolution (what start’s the process), a marital settlement agreement (MSA), a joint parenting agreement (JPA) (if necessary), and a judgement for dissolution (the court order that says you are divorced). I also prepare numerous court forms that must be properly executed and filed.
  3. Reviewing paperwork: You review the documents I draft. Once you approve, your spouse reviews the documents, and signs where necessary.
  4. Filing paperwork: With the the process I used, all the paper work is filed at once, for a streamlined process.
  5. Finalizing the divorce: An uncontested divorce is finalized through a court appearance called a “prove up.” A prove up is essentially a chance for the important elements of the agreement to be put on the record, and for the judge to ask any questions he or she deems necessary. The person who filed for divorce must be there, the other person need not be there. With the process I use, the prove up is the only time my uncontested divorce clients go to court.

Finding a lawyer for an uncontested divorce:

You can contact me here. I will promptly contact you. If I cannot handle your divorce, I may be able to assist you in providing a referral for an Illinois divorce lawyer that can handle your case.

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