War on Christmas & Divorce?

There is a lot of talk right now about a war on Christmas. Megyn Kelly, the fox news show host, recently caused a big stink by saying that both Santa Claus and Jesus are white. I guess she though that was a really important point to make. What she may not know is that St. Nicholas, the Saint on whom Santa Clause is based, was born in present-day Turkey.

Even if both St. Nicholas and Jesus were white, is some people believe differently, is that really evidence of a war on Christmas?

The whole thing seems like making a mountain out of a molehill.

And it’s that type of thinking that can cause problems in a divorce and can prevent a fast and affordable divorce in Illinois.

Focus on important issues

When getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois, it’s important to focus on what matters. Do you want to argue about Santa Claus’ skin color, or would you like to focus on the important issues?

I suggest you focus on the important issues in your divorce, such as what to do with your kids, and money. Don’t get trapped in unnecessary arguments that will end up controlling your life.

If you think Santa Claus is white, then you are free to put up a Christmas decoration showing a white Santa Claus. If your spouse thinks Santa is purple, the he or she can put up a purple-skinned Santa Claus decoration.

 Helping you define the issues

As a uncontested divorce attorney serving clients in the counties of Cook, Lake, DuPage, Will and Kendall, part of my job is to help clients define the issues so they can get a quick and affordable uncontested divorce.

If clients seem to be stuck in a rut, I explain to them what is relevant, and what is not. The color of Santa’s skin is not relevant. Where your kids will spend time is relevant. Stick to that type of stuff.

Getting a fast and affordable divorce

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Unlike many lawyers handling uncontested divorces for a flat fee, I take pride in counseling my clients and approaching matters strategically. When you hire me to handle your uncontested divorce, I will be available to you. Please be wary of attorneys who push you off onto paralegals who know nothing about your case.