Convince the Spouse to get an Uncontested Divorce!

Do you want to convince your spouse to get a fast an affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois? Good choice?

But for one reason or another, sometimes the other person feels like fighting is it better option.

So here are some tips for convincing your spouse to get an amicable uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Explain how fast it can be

One reason a litigated divorce it’s so draining is because it takes so long. Even small issues can take months. Litigated divorces rarely take less than one year. Some can take two years or more.

On the other hand, an uncontested divorce in Illinois can be very fast. They can take as little as two weeks, but most take about 1 month.

It’s not hard to see completing under Force very quickly can have many benefits.

Highlight the affordability of an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce is it only fast, but it’s also relatively affordable. Even if you use a lawyer.

Sometimes, people don’t want to agree to divorce because they’re mad at the other person and don’t want to give the other person more money the necessary.

However, what people should understand is that the more you fight in divorce, the more of the money goes to lawyers.

Did you know that most lawyers charge more than $200 per hour? And the rate at which paralegals bill can be more than clients earn per hour?

Many people think that a case can be handled quickly, even with fighting. Over, but they don’t consider all of the financial evidence Gathering, weeding through details, and seemingly useless trips to court.

That type of thing makes litigated divorce is much more expensive.

I have numerous contested cases each year, but I like it when people get an uncontested divorce because then people tend to walk away much happier.

Explain how the results can be better

Did you know that many judges tell people that they are probably going to be much happier if they both come to an agreement, rather than having the Court decide the divorce?

Many times, it’s true.

When the court orders something after hearing or trial, often it has difficulty determining what is true. And the solutions it comes up with can be less than perfect. It is unlikely that a judge can come up with a solution that is the absolute optimal solution. More often than not, both people are unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong, often in divorce people are not happy. However, if people work together to come up with effective solutions, they can be less unhappy than if I judge determined the solution.

Point out there is less exposure to lawyers

Many people distrust lawyers. They’re scared of getting ripped off. As a divorce lawyer in Illinois, I can tell you that makes a lot of sense!

When you hire a lawyer for a contested case, you’re just hoping that the lawyer does not bill you irrationally and cause you to fight just so the lawyer can make money.

In contrast to a contested case, an uncontested case is by agreement. When a  case is by agreement, I can offer a flat fee because of the amount of work is well-defined.

I offer a flat fee to represent people in a fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois. That way, people know exactly what they’re spending for their divorce.