Kendall county divorce: Streamlined process

If you would like to get a divorce in Kendall County, I can make the process very simple for you. As an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer, minimizing disruptions to my clients’ lives is one of my chief concerns. If you are ready to get started, contact me.

I recently handled an uncontested divorce in Kendall County,  and it went very smoothly. So I wanted to share the experience. You also may want to see my article titled “Process for an Uncontested Divorce in Illinois.”

Kendall County divorce court

Getting divorced in Kendall County can be easy, and affordable. With the system I used, when you file for an uncontested divorce in Kendall County you only have to go to court once – at the end.

Cost of divorce in Kendall County

There are several types of costs involved in an uncontested case.

  • Lawyer’s fee: I offer flat fees for uncontested divorces. 
  • Court filing fee: There is a fee to file the case, and a fee for the other party to respond. At the time of the writing of this article, the total fee or both parties was $346.
  • Transcript fee: the court requires that a transcript be produced of the prove-up for a divorce (the appearance in court where the divorce is finalized). The last time I handled a Kendall county divorce, the transcript fee was $60.

Kendall County divorce lawyer

I handled uncontested divorce cases in Kendall County. You can contact me here.

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