Can I get an uncontested divorce with kids?

If you want to know if you can get an uncontested divorce with kids, you should read this article. As an uncontested divorce lawyer, I know how to help people get divorced with kids in a fast and affordable way.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce in Illinois is a divorce where both spouses agree on all terms of the divorce. That’s pretty simple.

It’s the same thing whether people have kids or not.

So even if you have kids, you can still get an uncontested divorce in Illinois. And it can still be fast, and affordable.

If you want to know a bit more about Illinois uncontested divorce in general, check out this FAQ I wrote.

Why do some people think kids prevented uncontested divorce?

A lot of people call me and they say that they want an uncontested divorce, but they have kids. I’ve never understood that. I don’t know where people get the idea that having kids stops someone from getting in uncontested divorce.

In fact, if anything, having kids should make an uncontested divorce even more appealing. with an uncontested divorce, you can avoid lengthy and expensive fighting in court. And that’s probably better for the kids.

What does child custody mean in Illinois?

First of all, one thing you should know is that the term child custody is not illegal term in Illinois any longer. When child custody was the proper term, it meant legal decision making over children.

What’s taking its place is something called the allocation of parental responsibilities.

Again, this new term really just means the power to make decisions over the children. But allocation of parental responsibilities is divided into four primary areas. Health, education, extracurricular activities, and religion. for each of those four areas, parents can either have soul allocation or joint allocation. For example, one parent can have soul decision making as to religion health and education, but both parents could have joint allocation regarding extracurricular activities. I’m not sure that particular example would make any sense, but it could theoretically happen.

Long story short, if you want to share decision making with the other parent, then you’re going to be sharing a location up front or responsibilities. Not custody.

What about visitation?

visitation is another term that isn’t used anymore. Apparently some people felt that term was insulting to some people. That’s ridiculous, because what people really care about is time with their kids, not what word is used.

But in any case, When used to be called visitation is now called parenting time.

So in an uncontested divorce, people need to agree on where the kids are spending time.

It’s best if you come up with this schedule before consulting a lawyer. That schedule may not be perfect, and a lawyer may help you tweak it. But at least you’ll be most of the way there.

The point is that you need to agree to parenting time, that is where your child will be spending time, with who, and when. if you have a child, you cannot get an uncontested divorce unless you agree to that.

What about a parenting class?

In Illinois, court require all parentsof minor children to take a parenting class if they want to get divorced.

Many people think the classes are primarily a waste of time, that The Puritan classes basically tell you not to bad mouth the other parent, not to use the child as a messenger between parents, and that sort of thing. obviously hearing that type of stuff won’t prevent anyone from doing those things if they want to.

But all that doesn’t matter. The point is that a parenting class is some counties, the parenting class is online. For example, in Cook county and DuPage county, people can choose to take an online parenting class without special permission from the court.

In other counties, one must take an in-person parenting class. That’s very inconvenient. But if it’s required, it must be done.

When people use our offers for uncontested divorce, we instruct them which parenting class to take. You might want to check out this FAQ about divorce parenting classes in Illinois.

How do I start an uncontested divorce?

People sometimes are very confused about how to start an uncontested divorce in Illinois. But it really can be fast, easy, and affordable.

If you want to get started right now, you can send a message on our website, or call us at


I’m going to some other process here.

  1. Call or text us at 224-300-0529
  2. Sign a retainer agreement, and pay in affordable flat fee
  3. Fill out an intake. Answer the lawyer’s questions about your information, if necessary.
  4. Sign documents pre-lawyers instructions.
  5. Complete the parenting class.
  6. Go to court with your lawyer to finalize your divorce