If you’re rich, and you want a cheap divorce, the last thing you should probably do is ask your neighbor for a referral to a lawyer. You can get a cheap and fast uncontested divorce for a flat fee – even if you’ve got a couple million dollar net worth and your 16-year-old kid drives a Range Rover to Lake Forest academy.

What can I say? Rich people are still people, and everyone likes to save money. 

Check out this FAQ about rich people getting a cheap divorce.

I’m rich. . . don’t I need an expensive lawyer?

If you think you need an expensive lawyer just because you are rich, then you are probably operating off the assumption that there is a positive relationship between a lawyer’s rate and the quality of his or her work.

While it’s true that there are some very expensive lawyers who are very good, pain more for a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re getting good work.

If you want a very expensive lawyer, I’d be happy to introduce you to some people I know. They work at some of the top law firms around. they drive fancy cars, they live in nice houses, they give speeches, and they write laws.

But if you realize that pay more for a lawyer doesn’t guarantee better work,then you should contact us to get started with your uncontested divorce.

I’m worth a couple million dollars . . . isn’t that complicated to deal with?

People often think that high net worth people must have a complicated divorce. That’s totally wrong. in fact, many of the most complicated divorces I’ve handled involved people of average means. There are people who aren’t rich who do lots of weird things with their money, who try to hide money, who run scams, and all kinds of stuff. Those types of divorces are very hard to deal with.

Last year I had a divorce that was fairly simple, but the family was wealthy. They lived in Lake Forest, own multiple luxury cars, had a net worth of over 4 million, and they had to combine gross annual income of more than half a million dollars.

Do you know why they’re divorced was cheap? Because they were smart. They realized they didn’t need to pay lawyers $500 an hour and use a big firm downtown.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some cheap lawyers who do really garbage work. I’m just not one of them.

Dealing with an account that’s worth $1 million isn’t much different from dealing with an account worth of $10,000.

I own a business. Can I still get an uncontested divorce?

If you’ve been reading this article closely, then you might have detected a pattern.

Owning a business does not stop you from getting an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

In fact, it can be rather easy to deal with a business in an uncontested divorce. If the business is marital property, then here are a few options for taking care of it:

  1. The business can be given to one spouse as if it has no value at all
  2. The spouse keeping the business can buy out the other spouse’s share at the time of the divorce
  3. the spouse keeping the business can buy out the other spouse’s chair over time, such as making payments as the business makes money
  4. The two spouses can remain co-owners of the business after the divorce

Some time ago I wrote this article about how property is divided in a divorce in Illinois. It applies to a business, and everything else.

My neighbor said he used the best divorce lawyer in Chicago, so I should probably use that person, right?

I find a lot of people like to use a certain lawyer because they know someone who used that lawyer and that person who used the lawyer thinks that the lawyer is the best in Chicago.

Maybe the lawyer in question has a lot of recognition from some organization such as Leading Lawyers. so that person must be a good lawyer, right? Not necessarily. In fact I’ve badly beaten lawyers that had been recognized by that group, even when I had only been practicing a couple years.

Here are a couple reasons that a person might say the little lawyer is great to, when the lawyer is really not much to speak of:

  1. The person making the referral isn’t being genuine, and is just trying to refer you to a friend or a relative
  2. The person making the referral thinks the lawyer is good because his or her results are good, but in reality, the results were good because the case was easy
  3. The person making the referral thinks the lawyer is good because his or her results were good, but in reality, the results were good because the lawyer on the other side was terrible

I hate spending money. Can one lawyer represent both of us?

Let’s assume a few and your spouse are very smart and very rational. you might think you can both work together to sell all of your problems. That certainly better than fighting in court. Litigation is expensive.

But even if you can come to an agreement, that doesn’t mean you can both use the same lawyer. See this other article I wrote about using the same lawyer.

A lawyer cannot represent opposite sides of the same case, even if both sides seem to want to work it out. That’s because it conflict could arise. also, it’s because communications between a lawyer and a client or confidential, and advice is given. It’s impossible for a lawyer to give advice to two opposite sides of a case.

So how do I get started with an uncontested divorce?

You can contact us here or call 312-554-5433. 

After a quick call, we can quote you a flat fee for your uncontested divorce. remember, a flat feet uncontested divorce me and said you agree to all aspects of the divorce with your spouse. Obviously, a flat fee means limited services. but even if you need more than flat feet services, we can still probably help you for a very reasonable without bleeding you dry.