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Fastest Uncontested Divorce in Illinois: 5 Tips

Do you want to have the fastest uncontested divorce in Illinois? As an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer, I can understand why. Divorce is not enjoyable and you want to move on with life.

Here are my top 5 tips for an fast and affordable amicable divorce. You may also want to check out my article “Amicable divorce, meet affordable lawyer.”

Tip 1: Enter Divorce Reality

Uncontested divorce can be made more difficult when one party, or both, don’t have a realistic understanding of the process, or the law. One spouse may want a totally outsized portion of the assets, for example. Problems develop when one spouse wants something that a judge would be unlikely to order.

Tip 2: Manage Your Emotions

In an Illinois divorce, adultery and the other party’s bad attitude are legally irrelevant to the division of assets and child custody. If you feel bad about your spouse being mean to you, or cheating on you, you should either suck it up or get counseling. If you bring those feelings into the divorce process, it will be less likely to be uncontested. And it will be more likely to be painful, and expensive.

Tip 3: Take Inventory

Divorce is about dividing assets at debt. If you take an inventory of your assets and debt, dividing both is much easier. Each spouse should compile a list, and those lists should be compared. If the value of any given asset is in question, the spouses should come to agreement on the value.

Tip 4: Make Plan

Getting divorced is easier if you have some type of plan for what to do after the divorce. For example:

  • Living: Some people still live together while they get divorce. That will likely change.
  • Socializing: Your social circle might change a bit
  • Support network: You may enjoy a support network after the divorce
  • Finances: Give serious thought to how you will manage your finances

Tip 5: Use a Divorce Lawyer – avoid Divorce Deja Vu

Whether you live in Chicago, Naperville, Evanston, or Champaign, using a divorce lawyer may help prevent problems with your uncontested divorce. I have multiple case right now where spouses tried to handle the divorce themselves years ago – and now we are back in court trying to fix something they messed up. I call it “Divorce Deja Vu.”

See my article titled “Online Divorce = Risky Business” for a bit more about the topic.

Getting started

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