Champaign County Divorce: Quick, with flat fee lawyer

If you are looking for a quick and affordable uncontested divorce in Champaign County, and want a flat-fee lawyer, I can help you with your case.

Divorce can be expensive, aggravating, and damaging. Or, it can be amicable, affordable, empowering, and quick. As lawyer who represents who can represent clients in a Champaign County uncontested divorce, I know which one you would prefer. And unlike some lawyer’s my clients have complaint to me about, I won’t try to stoke hostilities in order to cause litigation and a giant legal bill.

How much does it cost?

Cost is often the primary concern in a divorce. With the system I use, there is only one cost, and that’s my flat fee.

There are court costs, but I pay those out of the flat fee. For your information however, in Champaign County there is a fee to file (for you), and a fee to answer (for your spouse); those fees are $215 and $115, respectively. But like I said, I pay all those fees for you. Click here to see the Champaign County Clerk of Court Fee Schedule.

The flat fee is affordable but can vary based on your situation. Have kids, a house, a vacation home and a business? That flat fee will be a bit higher than it would be for a person with no kids or real estate.

Where is Champaign County divorce court?

Divorce in Champaign County can be relatively painless whether you live in Champaign, Urbana, or Rantoul.

Check out this map for Champaign County Divorce Court:

Tips for Champaign County Divorce

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Who can get an uncontested divorce in Champaign County

Before knowing if you can get divorce in Champaign, you need to know if you can get divorced in Illinois.

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