Amicable Divorce, meet Affordable Lawyer

As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Illinois, I help people through divorce in counties including Cook, Lake, Will, DuPage, Kane, and Kendall counties. The court houses look different. Sometimes their are different divorce forms to fill out. And of course, the judges are different.

But one thing remains the same, regardless of the county. People want to know . . .

How can I get an amicable divorce?

One thing you can do is hire the right lawyer. To get started, contact me here.

Someone email me once and said “We hadn’t planned on hiring a lawyer simply because we’re worried that a lawyer would try to set us up as enemies.”

Is that a legitimate fear?

Yes. If a lawyer pays too much rent for a fancy office downtown, and has overhead like office staff that has access to unlimited Keurig single-serve coffee, that lawyer is under pressure to generate a certain amount of billable hours. Guess what? They don’t really want to offer flat-fee, affordable uncontested divorce legal services.

In contrast, my office is set up so that you can, in a relatively quick fashion, get an amicable divorce.

If you hire me, I will try to make sure your uncontested divorce stays that way – instead of morphing into an expensive nightmare.

What will an uncontested divorce lawyer do?

Some people think they don’t need a lawyer if they are going to get an uncontested divorce. Not using a lawyer? That’s a bad idea.

Right now, I’m handling two different matters where the divorces where years ago, and now problems have come up because the people represented themselves.

You might want to see my FAQ for uncontested divorce in Illinois.

Can we use the same lawyer in an uncontested divorce?

No one lawyer should ever represent both sides of the same case. Even where a divorce is uncontested, people still want advice from their lawyers. A lawyer can’t give advice to two people that are essentially adverse to each other. That’s a serious conflict and a recipe for disaster.

If someone hire’s me to represent them in an uncontested divorce, that person’s spouse can hire a lawyer at any time. For example, the other spouse can hire a lawyer simply to review the marital settlement agreement (MSA) I create.

Starting your uncontested divorce

Contact me here to get started with your uncontested, affordable divorce in Illinois. I offer flat fees. Plus, in most counties, you only have to go to court once – at the very end.

I practice in the following counties, and others:

I practice in the following cities, and others:

  • Chicago
  • Evanston
  • Skokie
  • Schaumburg
  • Naperville
  • Aurora
  • Elmhurst
  • Oak Park
  • Joliet
  • Geneva