You ask: Do I need a divorce lawyer?

Some people wander “Do  I need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce in Illinois?

If you want an affordable, relatively quick divorce, then an uncontested divorce is the way to go.

But make not mistake – just because your divorce might not involve fighting doesn’t mean you don’t need a lawyer. You can contact me to start your divorce.

Check out the following tips for deciding if you need an Illinois divorce attorney. You might also like to read my article “Warnings for Uncontested Divorce.”

Tips to decide if you need a divorce lawyer

You need a divorce layer if  . . .

  1. You are not a lawyer: If you are not a lawyer, that is the first indication that you need a lawyer for your divorce. The court orders you receive in your divorce can impact the rest of your life. Some people make the mistake of thinking they can just simply get divorced and never look back. But that’s not true. If you screw up something by handling your divorce yourself, you may have the distinct pleasure of seeing your ex-spouse more frequently then you imagined – in court!
  2. You own a house: If you own real estate and are getting divorced, there is a high chance you will screw up if you try to handle your divorce yourself. As I write this, I am trying to fix problems for a client that were created when she and her husband divorced without a lawyer three years prior. Their marital settlement agreement (MSA) was a mess and didn’t properly account for real estate.
  3. You have kids: Issues with children can be complicated. Lawyers can spot potential problem areas that you may not, and therefore, address those areas in the marital settlement agreement and the parenting agreement. Do yourself a favor and try to decrease the chances that you will fight about your kids in the future.
  4. You don’t understand property rights: Suppose you are married, and your salary is directly deposited in an account that only has your name on it. Do you think because that account has only your name on it that you get to keep it automatically? Not true. This is just one example of a common misperception about property division in divorce.
  5. You think things might get nasty: Sometimes spouses pretend to get along as a rouse while preparing for a hostile divorce. Or sometimes, things just turn sour. As a Illinois divorce lawyer practicing in the counties of  Cook, Kane, Kendall, DuPage, Lake, and Will, I try to stop that from happening. See my post titled “Amicable divorce, meet affordable lawyer.”

Starting your Uncontested divorce in Illinois

You can contact me to start your divorce.

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